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2002-07-11-12:29 a.m.
Dr. Estner cringed in fear as I told him my trip to the dentist. Now I will tell you about it. (I just pulled something off my neck and threw it across the room...I'm not going to guess what type of bug it was, eek!)

I've realized for the past 4 years or so, I've had this bottom retainer on my mouth. I figured this would be a good year to get it off (who knows how long I could of had all that cement and that one metal wire on my bottom teeth!) It wasn't so painful but "discomforting", is that a good word? To get your teeth buzzed and to feel that nerve being tapped on constantly drives me nuts! Also having a ton of buzzed off cement residue in your mouth after the buzz, isn't so pleasant. Afterwords, my teeth felt weak and still covered in cement (which was really tarter under the metal.) Then in the afternoon went to the real dentist, the one who cleans your teeth. I read an article in the office about a Chromosome reorganizer machine (???) which was really cool but I didn't get how it IDed genes and such. I then had a really long talk with my dental assistant, from 3:30 to 5:00. I really like talking to people, the dentist office thinks it's cool that one of their patients has been touring around Israel. Julia (dental assis.) said she would love to go, but the violence and all. I told her she would be waiting a long time for the violence to end. I mean... I hope I'm wrong! Maybe one day it will, but that seems very hard. I'd be shocked to see the Arab Counsil not showing some hate to Israel. Whatever, arabs aren't the focus really, have to focus on what makes us a Holy People, that's the key. HaShem controls everything, that's the key. Finding truth, not turning our hearts. Well, I'm not going to type of whole mussar thing, I need sleep!!


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